What We Did




Assignments are due every day of class.  It is the student's responsibility to look at the schedule to keep track of exact days that assignments are due.  You must turn in all assignments to receive points and late assignments may lose points.  Total number of points will be used to calculate your grade as follows:

100%-88% = 4.0-3.49 = A         49%-24% = 1.96-.98 = D
87%-75%  = 3.48-2.97 = B        23%&lower = No Credit
74%-50%  = 2.96-1.97 = C

Sources of Grading:    
Journals: 50 pts          In-Class & Participation: 40 pts

Presentation: 45 pts      Final Proj & E-Portfolio: 80 pts
Family Project: 20    

*Click on the following for details on types of Assignments: Journals, Presentations, Family Project#4, Final Project, Participation & In-Class Exercises, E-Portfolio

*For Make-up Work: If a concept sounds unfamiliar, check the notes section for that week to see what it pertains to.  Always check with the instructor to get any missed handouts etc...  If a video is featured on a day that is missed, it is up to the student to watch it on his or her own time.  All can be checked out in the library for viewing.