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Journals are informal, but intelligent response on each week's content and issues.  Their purpose is to help students practice responding thoughtfully to articles, concepts and theoretical ideas.  They should be at least 1 to 1 1/2 pages, typed, double spaced and not more than 3 pages in length.  Clear, hand written commentaries are also acceptable (2 pages hand written).  One is due every week (until the last week) and topics are assigned every week (see below).  Journals are always due on the second day of the week.  See Schedule below:
                 Wk1  Wk2  Wk3  Wk4  Wk5  Wk6 (Extra credit)  
*For grading purposes, please put Journal number on all Journals!

Week 1 Due June 20th
Journal Topic #1: a)From class lecture, what are your impressions about the history and evolution of U.S. education?  Would your family have been part of the educated class or the working class? b) What do you think about Asimov's ideas on intelligence? (Visions pp.171) c) other thoughts...

Week 2 Due June 27th
Journal Topic #2: a)
Define some common stereotypes, where did they come from? Who do they affect?  What is their purpose? b) How do you feel about the ideas Persky presents regarding shame and guilt?  (Visions 307) Do you think your family may have experienced and passed on any of these feelings?" c) other thoughts...

Week 3 Due July 4th
Journal Topic #3: a) What is the significance of the title to the overall theme and message Kilbourne is trying to portray? (In-Class Video) b) What aspects do you think are valid regarding Bly's ideas on men and rituals? (Visions pp.285) c) other thoughts...


Week 4 Due July 11th
Special family Project (Click here for details on assignment).  Should have a.Library research on one ethnic group from your background, b. One family story and c.Visuals.  *Be prepared to briefly share (2-5 minutes) the story and visuals in class.

Week 5  Due July 16th

Journal Topic #5: a) How can the concept of Model Minority be harmful? (Visions pp.330) b)What do you feel are possible damaging effects when one is denied certain privileges on the basis of appearance and stereotypes?  (In-class Video & Slides) c) other thoughts...

Week 6 Extra Credit 
Journal Topic #6: Buy a copy of "Spare Change from  one of the sales men -comment on any ideas such as details about the person you bought it from to ideas on an articles in the paper  OR --either research Homeless on the Web or find an article about Homeless that you can discuss in your Journal. What are the real facts about the homeless vs. what we see and hear about?