Family Project

What We Did
The Family/History Project will be due in place of Journal #4 and worth 20 points. It will give students experience with research techniques and resources in the library, as well as, the opportunity to explore more about various U.S. ethnic groups and history.  Students may choose one or more of their ethnic background to study and use any family member (or an elder of choice) to interview for a historical narrative. Be ready to share briefly in class any interesting aspects that you liked about your project.  

Also, for this project, web site information will not be accepted --info must be solicited from an article, book or journal. 

Library Course Guide for College 101 Research
Grading Rubric      Required Sections
For full credit, your Family/History Project should contain the following:

A. Brief Summary (1-2 paragraphs) of an interesting piece of objective history that you researched from the library on one of your family's (or a family you know well) ethnic group. (Can use one or more groups; Cite Sources) 

B. An interview of a family member (or an elder) on an interesting story/narrative from the past or a personal history story from the past.

C. Your reflections/feelings about doing this project and what you may have learned or found interesting. This is the part you will share in class.

D. Visuals that add to the project such as time lines, copies of original journals or writings, copies/scans of photos or other pictures of old items that are related.  (You can share some of these in class also)

*Alternative Creative Writing Project:
Do a Creative Short Story that gives a slice of life from one of your ancestors or from a person who might have lived in the past.  Should be very detailed and showing; at least 1 1/2 - 2 pages, double spaced.
Should have illustrations.

Categories Graded Include:

TOP 5 Points             5Points               5 Points             5 Points
TOTAL = 20 Points