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Students will present in groups or alone.  The presentation should focus on the week's readings and materials and last about 20 to 30 minutes (click here for examples).  Each group presents only once during the Quarter (Click here for schedule) and everyone in the group should have a role.  Each presentation should include the following:

About 5 minutes of summary on the best points of the reading (Please Do not go over every single page of the chapter!)  About 5 minutes of critical response on the reading, ie. "we thought this chapter was helpful in that...."  About 5 to 20 minutes of providing an exercise or other interactive demo for the class.  It is here groups can be creative with anything from poetry to showing a short video to singing or having the class do an exercise related to the issues that week. Categories graded include: 
 PRESENT 12 13 12 12 50
NAME Summary & Main Points Response Interactive Style TOTAL: 49/50 = 96% = A
  Concepts Outlined Critical response and critique of good/bad points Good activity to compliment  material Individual Presentation COMMENTS








TREAT Schedule:
June 20th Laurie
June 25th Loraine
June 27th Amanda
July 2nd Kathy
July 9th  
July 11th
July 16th
College 101 Present Schedule  (6-8:40)
June 25th  Mark, Amanda, Kathy, Katrina, Angelique

June 27th  Christina, Sara, Woo, Travis

July 11th   Amelia, Laurie, Shane, Loraine, Britney

July 16th   Kim, Cassie, Laura, Vanitha