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The Final Project (example) will help students develop skills in analysis and writing. If done well, it can also be included in their Program E-Portfolios.   Papers should address a problem topic from class or on a topic of choice and should contain at least one source outside of class.  Paper Ideas and outlines are due Week 5 and the Final is due Week 11. Students should be prepared to share ideas about their Project by the 8th Week.  Alternative projects may include Power Point presentation or performance, but hard copies of ideas must still be turned in.  Required parts of the Project include:

1. Solid introduction to the problem that will be discussed in
    detail in the paper
2. Discussion (according to student's research) of causes
    that contribute to the problem
3. Discussion (according to student's research) of effects of
    the causes for this problem
4. Discussion of possible solutions to this problem

5. Reference page

Paper length: 3 pages not including reference page.
50 points

*Include at least two outside references for reference page
*Follow citation samples in the sample handout & see class web for citation guide sites

Categories Graded include:

TOTAL = 50 Points