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Individuals benefit from the experience of nature in cities in many ways. A walk in a green space, or simply a view into a nearby natural place supports a person in everyday life. Stress reduction and healing are possible results from nature experiences, and horticulture therapy activities can be used to achieve specific outcomes. Having plants in elderly care facilities can be of particular benefit.


The list below highlights recent ALPHA faculty publications. Each citation has an English abstract link (pdf).

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Study on Use of Landscape Plants Resource to Medicine Treatment. Eijiro, F., Yutaka, I., Komei, M., Hyoujung, K., Chiu Hsin, Y., Ayumu, S., Madoka, E., Youhei, S., & Toshiaki, K. Hort Research, (2006) 60: 109.  pdf

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  last revised August 2, 2008
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