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Good policy and planning is dependent on knowledge and assessments. The physical form of a master plan or green infrastructure system is one level of study. Another is the dynamics of the various partners involved in planning: public sector, local government, private sector, citizens. Historical analysis provides a glimpse of trends over time or after key events. International comparisons demonstrate cultural variations or good models of urban greening policy and planning. Economic analysis of these issues is a fairly new and valuable approach.


The list below highlights recent ALPHA faculty publications. Each citation has an English abstract link (pdf).

Community Design Around Kobe City to Live with Water. Hayashi, M. Transforming with Water, Proceedings of 45th World Congress of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (2008): 178.  pdf

A Study on the Relationships Between Designated Managers of Private Enterprises and Citizens’ Groups, and How to Act for Working Good Relationship with Citizens’ Groups. Urata, K., & Hirata, F. Journal of the City Planning Institute of Japan, (2007) 42 (3): 175.  pdf

A Study of the Master Plan for the Green Open Space in Beijing. Shen, Y., & Saito, Y. City Planning Review, (2007) 56 (5): 22.  pdf

A Study on Master Plan for Parks and Green Space in Japan, China & Korea. Shen, Y., Hyun-Mi, B., Takeuchi, T., & Saito, Y. Journal of Landscape Architecture in Asia, (2007) 3: 49.  pdf

A Study on the Greenery Standard in Scenic District to Lead the Greenery for Improvement to Townscape in the Area with Small Residential Sites. Kawai, S., & Hirata, F. Papers on Environmental Information Science, (2007) 21: 435.  pdf

A Study on Regional Landscape Conservation for an Urban Renewal Project. Ishida, H., & Saito, Y. Landscape Research Japan, (2006) 69 (5): 803.  pdf

The Impact of the International Gardening & Landscaping Exhibition ‘Japan Flora 2000’. Shen, Y., Saito, Y., Tachibana, T., & Tsukahara, J. Journal of Landscape Architecture in Asia, (2005) 1: 186.  pdf

Promote Revitalization of an Urban Area After the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake. Hayashi, M. In: Hou, J., Francis, M., & Brightbill, N. (eds.), (Re)Constructing Communities: design participation in the face of change. (2005) Davis, CA: Center for Design Research, University of California, Davis; p. 31.  pdf

Study on How to Support Activities to Open Private Gardens to Public by Local Government: From the Analysis of Needs of Participants in Hyogo Prefecture. Hirata, F. Papers on Environmental Information Science, (2004) 18: 89.  pdf

What are Necessary to Convert Environmental Resources to Environmental Assets – Using Corporate Accounting Principles to Assess the Greenery Activities Conducted with Collaboration between Citizens and Local Government and Its Achievements. Hirata, F. Landscape Research Japan, (2004) 68 (1): 1.  pdf

Comparative Research of Green Belt in Japan and China for City Safety – A Case Study of Beijing and Kobe. Shen, Y., & Saito, Y. Journal of the Korean Institute of Landscape Architecture, (2004) Int’l Ed. 2: 88.  pdf

The Required Point to Develop Good Community and Environment by Maintaining Agricultural Land – the Role of Landscape Architect as the Coordinator to Develop Garden Cities. Hirata, F. Landscape Research Japan, (2003) 66 (4): 262.  pdf

A Summary of New Acts Concerning National Territory and City Planning in Korea and their Influences on Regional Landscape Formation. Ye, K., Kinoshita, T., Saito, Y., & Shen, Y. Journal of the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture, (2003) Int’l Ed No. 2: 31.  pdf

Transition and Directional Movement of Park and Green Space Development on the Coastal Area of the Seto Inland Sea Conducted by Hyogo Prefecture. Tachibana, T., Saito, Y., Shen, Y., & Mochizuki, A., Journal of the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture, (2003) Int’l Ed No. 2: 85.  pdf

  last revised August 2, 2008
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