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Learning about city greenery happens in academic settings and by informal training (such as Master Gardeners programs). Understanding about the attitudes and results of educational efforts can make such programs more effective. It is also valuable to assess the knowledge and awareness of the public about greening issues. For example, outdoor accessibility by the disabled is an important concern.


The list below highlights recent ALPHA faculty publications. Each citation has an English abstract link (pdf).

Characterizing GPS Camera-based Accessibility Information on Parks and Outdoor Recreation Sites Interpreted by Park Managers and Mobility Impaired People. Mino, N., & Okuyama, T. Landscape Research Japan, (2008) 71 (5): 619.  pdf

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Examining Available Information Related to Providing Access for People with Disabilities on the Japanese Parks and Outdoor Recreation Website: Comparisons with United States Parks Website. Mino, N. Landscape Research Japan, (2006) 69 (5): 655.  pdf

A Study on the Attitudes and Activities of Master Gardeners and Master Gardeners-in-Training in the United States. Hirata, F. Journal of the City Planning Institute of Japan, (2005) 40 (3): 799.  pdf

Bibliographical Study on the Development of Horticultural Therapy in Japan. Matsuo, E., Kawahara, A., Kwoen, H., Takafuji, H., & Choi, J. In: Relf, D. (ed.) Proceedings XXVI IHC-Horticulture, Human Well-Being and Life Quality, (2004): 201.  pdf

The Knowledge of Undergraduate Students of Agricultural Universities and Frequency of News Items in Main Newspapers on “Nanakusa” (Seven Spring Herbs and Seven Autumn Flowers) in Japan. Choi, J., Kweon, H., & Matsuo, E. Journal of Japanese Society of People-Plant Relationships, (2003) 2 (2): 6.  pdf

Study of Awaji Island Residents’ Awareness about Using Wild Plants and Brought Horticultural Plants in Gardening. Hirata, F. Papers on Environmental Information Science, (2002) 16: 229.  pdf

The Image and Training of Master Gardeners in the United States. Hirata, F. Journal of the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture, (2002) 65 (5): 817.  pdf

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Gardening Information on Television and Radio in Japan Based on Surveys in 1981 and 1996. Matsuo, E., Kweon, H., Asano, F., & Yoshida, Y. HortTechnology, (2001) 11 (2): 323.  pdf

Applicant Attributes and Motivations Regarding the Lecture Course ‘Training Leaders for Town Planning with Flowers & Greenery’ in Hyogo Prefecture. Hirata, F. Journal of the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture, (2000) 63 (5): 701.  pdf

  last revised August 2, 2008
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