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Landscape, Ecology & Natural Systems Research

Effective planning, planting and management of landscapes for human benefit depends on having quality knowledge about natural systems. Additional research at ALPHA builds understandings about:
- basic natural systems knowledge -
- ecological threats & species endangerment -
- development & landscape impacts -
- explores ecological changes over time, including the use of remote sensing -
- considers ecosystem restoration techniques & outcomes -

- 自然環境に関する基礎的知見 -
- 生態系や種の保全に対する危機、危険性 -
- 開発行為、その他景観に対する影響 -
- 継続的な生態系変化の把握(リモートセンシング技術利用を含む)-
- 自然再生技術の検討と成果

The list below highlights recent ALPHA faculty publications. Each citation has an English abstract link (pdf).

Vegetation Established by the Aerial Seeding of Pasture Plants After a Forest Fire in a Secondary Forest in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. Sawada, Y., Kubota, K., Yashiro, Y., Nishiwaki, A., & Tsuda, S. Japanese Journal of Conservation Ecology, (2008) 13: 29-36.  pdf

Investigation of the Benthamidia florida Planting Environment and Possibility of Tree Vigor Recovery Based on Soil Improvement in Kabokurinen, Awaji Yumebutai. Takanashi, T., Oyabu, T., Fujihara, M., Yamamoto, S., Ono, Y., & Ueda, H. Landscape Research Japan, (2008) 71(5): 873-876.  pdf

The Suitable Habitat for Establishing of Seedlings Derived From Old and Large-Sized Japanese Black Pine Trees On the Coastal Sand Pine Forest. Fujihara, M., Oyabu, T., Sawada, Y., Iwasaki, Y., & Yamamoto, S. Journal of the Japanese Society of Coastal Forest, (2007) 7(1): 25-30.  pdf

The Appearance Frequency by Ground-Water Level and Characteristic of Photosynthesis Rate of Agriphylum squarrosum (L.) Moq.(Shami) at Mu US Desert in Inner Mongolia. Oyabu, T., Toda, K., Mizuno, Y. & Nakashima, A. Journal of Japanese Society of Revegetation Technology, (2007) 33(1): 95-99.  pdf

A Check List of Coastal Plants in Japan. Sawada, Y., Nakanishi, H., Oshida, K., & Hattori, T. Human and Nature, (2007) 17: 85-90.  pdf

Seasonal Dynamics of Physiological Activity of Eucalyptus and Fruiting of Macrofungi in Japan. Oyabu, T., Orihara, T., & Iwase, K. Papers on Environmental Information Science, (2007) 21: 65-70.  pdf

The Relationship Between Tree Ring Widths and Age of the Large-Sized Japanese Black Pine Trees Established On the Coastal Sand Pine Forest Preserved as a Scenic Beauty. Fujihara, M., Iwasaki, Y., Oyabu, T., & Sawada, Y. Journal of the Japanese Society of Coastal Forest, (2007) 6(2): 19-22.  pdf

Growth Evaluation of Two Species in the Artificial Peninsula Using Density of Soil Exchangeable Na for Environmental Index. Inoue, Y., Oyabu T., Fujihara, M., &Yamamoto, S. Papers on Environmental Information Science, (2007) 21: 81-86.  pdf

Clarifying the Growth Characteristics of Senecio madagascariensis and Transmission of Information on Awaji Island. Uehara, Y., Oyabu, T., Yamamoto, S., Iwasaki, Y., & Fujihara, M. Papers on Environmental Information Science, (2006) 20: 77-82.  pdf

The Endangerrment of Coastal Plants of Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu Islands in Japan Based on National and Prefectural Red Data Books. Sawada, Y., Hattori,T., & Uchida, K. Papers on Environmental Information Science, (2006) 20: 71-76.  pdf

Distribution, Size-Structure and Suppressed Condition of Japanese Black Pine (Pinus thunbergii Sieb. et. Zucc.) Trees Constituting in a Coastal Forest Preserved as a Place of Scenic Natural Beauty. Fujihara, M., & Iwasaki, Y. Landscape Ecology and Management, (2006) 10 (2): 81-88.  pdf

The Changes in the Species Composition of Butterfly After Construction of the ALPHA Campus in Hilly Rural Area, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Morita, T., & Fujihara, M., Landscape Planning and Horticulture, (2005) 6: 23-30.  pdf

Thalassochory Potential in 14 Species of Coastal Plants in The Warm Temperate Zone of Japan. Sawada, Y., & Tsuda, S. Vegetation Science, (2005) 22: 53-61.  pdf

Potential for Persistent Seed Bank Formation in 14 Coastal Dune Plants in the Warm Temperate Zone in Japan. Sawada, Y., & Tsuda, S. Vegetation Science, (2005) 22: 135-146.  pdf

Changes in the Landscape Structure of the Nagara River Basin, Central Japan. Fujihara, M., & Kikuchi, T. Landscape and Urban Planning, (2005) 70: 271-281.  pdf

Synergetic Use of Landsat TM/SPOT HRVIR and IKONOS Data for Terrace Rice Fields Monitoring. Mino, N,, Suda, M., Katano, J., & Hongo, C. Journal of Japan Society of Photogrammetory and Remote Sensing, (2005) 44 (3): 37-45.  pdf

Changes in Landscape Structure of “Yatsu” Valleys: A Typical Japanese Urban Fringe Landscape. Fujihara, M., Hara, K., & Short, K. M. Landscape and Urban Planning, (2005) 70: 261-270.  pdf

Applied Ecology of Succession in Pine Forests of Western Japan. Fujihara, M., Hada, Y., & Toyohara, G. In: Ambasht, R. S., & Ambasht, N. K. (Eds.), Modern Trends in Applied Terrestrial Ecology (Chapter 17), (2002). New York: Kluwer Academic, pp. 331-343.  pdf

Changes in the Stand Structure of a Pine Forest After Rapid Growth of Quercus serrata Thunb. Fujihara, M., Hada Y., & Toyohara, G. Forest Ecology and Management, (2002) 170: 55-65.  pdf

  last revised August 4, 2008
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