Weighty Matters: The Best of the Net on Lifting Weights


Directions on the Weight Loss ECA Combination

The Way of Whey: Protein Supplements Pro and Con

How to Treat Persistent Muscle Spasms

Muscle Cell Growth Breakthrough? A cell biologist at the University of Manitoba says she has found a way to stimulate muscle cell growth by manipulating a molecular "switch."

Food for Thought--How Much Protein in Your Diet?, by Thomas Incledon.

You Don't Always Have to Gain Weight to Gain Strength, by Thomas Incledon.

How to Stop a Cold You Feel Coming On by Dr. Mel Siff, great advice if you feel sickly just before a contest.

Diets for Lifters Who Want to Lose Fat, but Not Muscle by Lyle McDonald and others.
There are those who want to get BIG. For them, here is a link to Thomas Incledon's Get-Big Diet for Bodybuilders.
The Truth about Using Supplements by Gary Hanson.
Help for Those Lifters Who Suffer from Insomnia
What Fainting While You Lift Might Mean by Dr. Mel Siff.
The Skinny on Knees by Mel Siff
Can Exercise Lengthen Your Muscles? by Mel Soff.
Tips on Treating Soreness from Lifting
Dealing With Low Back Pain: Nerve Impingement and Inflammation a great article by Sal A. Arria, D.C., MSS, & Charles I. Staley, B.Sc.,MSS
The Joy of Zinc, why you should be taking this stuff.
Guide to Carbohydrates by Lyle McDonald, including a good explanation of the glycemic index and when to take carbs before and after a workout.
Obesity in America: Explanation and Rebuttals
Losing Weight on a Low Carb Diet
Steriod Use in the NFL, a behind-the-scenes account of what might be happening by a former high school and college player.
Keith R. Smith's Guide to Body Proportions
Some Other Guides to Ideal Body Proportions

This file is a VERY LONG discussion of muscle physiology by Marty B. of Oklahoma State and other misc.fitness contributors.Information on Muscle Physiology