Long-winded introduction to basic HTML, CSS, and SSI (server-side includes). (Needs to be re-imagined as more reference, less bloated narrative.)

PopUp Windows

Demonstrates the CSS "visibility" property, and some simple javascript.

Also, a general .hidden class manages visibility, specific ID's distinguish each "window".

DOM: Document Object Model

6- or 7-part light-weight overview

May want "about Forms" and shd include link to W3schools AJAX link.

coffee theme

In progress — still needs to solve 100% vertical length of left and right sidebars.


CSS scratch pad for testing rules.


Links to the various writing centers using my sign-up code.

Newts and newts setup are on my web space and exist for development and testing.

OWRC (test) is a test site on my web space for the Odegaard Writing and Research Center.

other sites

Miscellaneous other sites I've worked on. PSWP 2010, UW Writes 2008.