Last Modified: 11-06-1999
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VRML: Virtual Reality Modeling Language for the WWW

his presentation discusses the role of VRML in bringing 3D interactive graphics to the Web. The goals are to:

  • explain the purposes and capabilities of VRML
  • illustrate the main concepts of 3D interactive graphics which are common to most 3D systems
  • show how 3D worlds can be constructed in VRML using either specialized graphics software, such as V*Realm Builder, or by hand, or by the use of general purpose languages, such as Perl
  • determine what restrictions currently limit 3D when it is published to the Web as opposed to 3D graphics which are targeted for a particular machine
  • demonstrate how to create realistic 3D objects (geometries, textures, lighting, surface properties, etc) and script interactive animations for the web.
  • look at the future of VRML and 3D graphics on the Web

Some of the material presented is specific to one particular implementation of VRML, namely V*Realm Builder, some applies to any implementation of VRML, and much of it is common to all 3D graphics systems.

In order view the 3D interactive graphics, you need to install Cosmo Player 2.1 .

Larry Gales

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