Day One--Stevens Pass to Trap Lake

Distance: 10.4 miles

The Gang of Four started from Stevens Pass on a cloudy, cool morning in late August. You can see how excited we all are to hit the trail in the picture that my daughter, Emily, took at the trailhead.

The trail starts by going straight up the ski runs of the Stevens Pass Ski Resort. Having skied here in the winter, it was odd to walk over the same runs in the summer. One run is even called "Pacific Crest Trail," and true to its name, the PCT does actually switchback up this run before it gets to the top of the crest.

While I was hoping for sunny skies, it was actually better for us to have overcast weather. We were sweating profusely when we got to the top of the ridge.

After the ski area, the trail enters the Alpine Lakes Wilderness and never crosses a road again. There seemed to be many ridge walks and views, but we didn't see much due to the cloud cover. At one point I didn't pay attention to the trail and slipped, twisting my right ankle severely. I pretended it was just a minor twist, but I was worried and took it as easy as I could the rest of the day.


The Gang of Four: Left to right, Bob, Tom, Kevin and Chuck

Bob and Chuck enjoy a lunch break above Josephine Lake.

After about 12 miles we saw a faint side trail right about where the cutoff to Trap Lake should be. It was confusing because someone had placed a log across the spur trail at the junction. I guess they didn't want anyone thinking it was the real PCT. We plunged down it anyway and found a great campsite right next to the lakeshore.

Kevin had brought real food with him for the meal--including a waterbottle filled with Merlot wine! We had spaghetti with real meat balls. Luxury.

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