Day Five: Deep Lake to Waptus Lake

Distance: 7 miles

We hated to leave Deep Lake, but we had more than 40 miles to go in just four days. The weather also turned; at breakfast it started to rain and we had to quickly pull down my tent to keep it dry. Because it was cooler, I made oatmeal, which Chuck hates, so I had to take a photo of him eating it in disgust.

It drizzled most of the morning as we hiked down toward Waptus Lake. One consolation was the field of blueberries along the way--I ate too many. We made the lake rather quickly and welcomed the sun when it came out again. I dried off most of my gear while Bob explored and found a much better campsite with a view of the lake. We broke camp and moved up to the scenic, but more exposed site. After we got our tents up, the weather changed and it started to pour. I read my book, an Elizabeth Goerge murder mystery, under the shelter of a pine tree and thought about last year's PCT hike where we got soaked. It rained on and off the rest of the day and so we made it an early evening.

In the middle of the night it poured and there was thunder and lightening. While Bob and I were in a tent that was in a hollow, Chuck and Kevin were in a tent above us on exposed rock. I thought about them as the lightening crackled around us.

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