Day Three: Deception Pass to Deep Lake

The ford across the outlet from Mt. Daniel's glacier is much tougher than it looks at first sight. It comes screaming out of a narrow canyon, as seen at Chuck's left.

Distance: 10.4 miles

This day was another great day for weather and a long day for hiking, but at the end would be Deep Lake, the site scheduled for a rest day. One challenge was the ford across the outlet from Mount Daniel's glacier field. The guidebook warned us about it and even had a suggested detour for horse parties, but at first I didn't think it was much. I was sure that I could boulder hop without even getting my feet wet. I was very wrong. The rocks were much slicker than they looked. Bob did the sensible thing and just walked across, letting his feet get wet. I didn't last long until I slipped and was practically scrambling on all fours. Chuck took this dramatic shot of me (above) as I crawled out of the water. It wasn't such a big deal getting wet, since I was wearing trail running shoes. They dried off by the end of the day.

We had quite a climb to get to Catherdal Pass, where the massive slab of solid rock presides over a 5600-foot pass. I was tired and crabby before we finally had lunch at the top of the pass. To entertain myself on the way down, I decided to count the number of switchbacks to the lake. There were 18 to get down the mountainside. On the way Bob saw a strange creature he thought might have been a cougar but now we think it was a pine martin--like a weasel. When we finally got to Deep Lake, we found flat prairie-like fields on the south end of the lake. It looked like what Yosemite might have been before all the development, said Kevin. We found a cozy campsite and a little beach for swimming, which Kevin, Bob and I all did to clean up and cool down.

The three editors pose before Catherdal Rock.

Kevin used the timer on his camera to take a shot of the Gang of Four at Catherdal Pass. Left to right, Kevin, Bob, Chuck and Tom.

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