Day Four: Rest Day at Deep Lake

During the rest day at Deep Lake, Bob, Chuck and Kevin took a day hike to Lake Vincente while I went back up to Cathedral Pass to see if I could find Peggy's Pond. Well, the pond may have been on the map, but the trail seems to disappear as it skirts the rockface of Cathedral Peak, so I turned back. At the end of this exquisite day we drank the rest of Bob's bourbon and were feeling no pain. At left, we are toasting the camera.

Bob takes a swim in water that really wasn't that cold--for the mountains.

The arrow marks the approximate location of our campsite on Deep Lake.

Above, we had a big treat on our rest day; Bob caught a mountain trout, which we had for breakfast. Even Kevin, who hates fish, ate his share. "I loved it," he said, "because it doesn't taste like fish." Later I took this photo of Kevin (at right) as he sewed up a strap on his backpack.

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