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Knowing What Students Know: The Science and design of educational Assessment (National Academy Press, 2001)
Knowing What Students Know: 
The Science and Design of 
Educational Assessment 
(National Academy Press, 2001)
Student Learning and Assessment

UW Assessment Website

UW Accreditation and Student Learning Objectives (SLO) Initiative Website

"Reframing Assessment"
(review of Knowing What Students Know)

College of Arts and Sciences Task Force Report on Enhancing Undergraduate Learning 


2002/03 Geography Teaching Award Ballot

Geography Career Web Site: Fresh Fish and Learning How to Fish

Association of American Geographers (AAG) Career  Site

GIS Job-Hunting Web Sites

What Geography Majors Can Do (aka, "transferable skills")

Myth-Busting Jobs and Career Paths For Geographers

Why Study Geography?

How People Learn.
Brain, Mind, Experience and School.
(National Academy Press, 2000)
Graduate Student  Handbook 

Further Resources for Geographers
link to UW Geography Department
link to UW Home Page

Spring, 2003: Courses To Take in Other Departments

2003/04 Curriculum Planner (by faculty and concentration)

2003/04 Three Quarter Curriculum Forecast

2003/04 Capstone Courses

Geog 397: Tutorial For New Majors

2002 Undergraduate Research Symposium


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