Selected Representative GIS Jobs WebSites
December, 1998

General GIS Job Information Sites

GIS Jobs Clearinghouse
GJC has helped thousands of GIS/RS professionals find positions.  With hundreds of positions and resumes in our databases, the GJC has resources for both employers and those seeking jobs.  The GJC is no longer a free site.

A list of the GISRS-JOBS archive files that currently are available.

The GeoSearch, Inc. system gives an access to more than 20,000 professionals in the industry at any given time.  Typically, 100-150 individuals are contacted and screened for each position.

Positions available classified.  A part of the GIS World honeycomb of GIS-related sites.

Geo Job Source
The most comprehensive listing of career opportunities in the spatial data processing.  Available throughout the world, via www, e-mail and “snail mail.”

GeoWeb Interactive
Search Jobs Database: Computer/IT Jobs (Free Access), Science/Engineering Jobs (Free Access), GIS/GPS/RS Jobs (Subscribers only), Environment/Geology/Hydrology Jobs (Subscribers Only).

HDM's GIS / Mapping Technology Job Bank
A useful index of GIS job sites.

A useful index of GIS job sites.

Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA)
Each month URISA members receive the URISA Marketplace.  It contains numerous job listings in the IT/GIS field, as well as RFP's (Request For Proposals) from URISA's state and local government members.  Job listings are primarily for openings in the United States and Canada.

Vendor-based Postings

ESRI provides software and services related to managing geographic information.  ESRI has a number of positions open for persons educated or experienced in GIS and software technologies, at both its headquarters in Redlands and its regional offices around the United States.  This site includes all current ESRI jobs and internships.

Intergraph Corporation is a Fortune 1000 vendor of software, hardware and services for technical, creative and computing professionals.  The company offers open, industry-standard solutions, Microsoft Windows-based software, Intel processor-based workstations and servers, and a range of computing services to meet the engineering, design, modeling, analysis, mapping, information technology and creative graphics needs of users in almost every industry.  This site includes all current Intergraph jobs.

Autodesk's success as one of the world's leading PC software companies is in large part due to the outstanding talent and dedication of its employees.  If you'd like to join this talented team, Autodesk offers many employment opportunities for you to investigate.

HDM's GIS / Mapping Technology Job Bank
Since its founding in 1988 in Cambridge, MA, Harvard Design and Mapping Co., Inc. (HDM) has delivered exceptional quality GIS services.  HDM’s clients include utilities, federal, state and local government agencies, international groups and private corporations.  The company specializes in the development of GIS applications and services primarily based on ESRI, Oracle and MapInfo software products.  A more complete description of HDM’s products and services can be found on our website at

Smallworld Systems
Smallworld Systems, located in the Denver Tech Center, is the world's fastest growing geographic information systems (GIS) software provider.  Smallworld GIS is used by Utility, Communications companies and Municipalities worldwide.  Based on state-of-the-art object-oriented (OO) technology and relational database design, Smallworld software is taking the industry by storm.  If you are a high-achieving Computer Science professional looking for a challenging position involving OO technology, WWW technology, systems integration, and database design, contact the company immediately.  The company is looking for individuals with experience in languages such as Smalltalk, C++, Java, and C.  Smallworld has positions in all departments including development, technical support, technical sales and technical writing.

PlanGraphics, Inc.
PlanGraphics, Inc., the world's leading consultant in AM/FM/GIS consulting and implementation, prides itself on having a friendly work environment.  Each individual hired can be assured of a great working and living environment at any one of company’s five United States offices.

Caliper Corporation
Caliper Corporation, founded in 1983, and headquartered in Newton, MA, is a technology leader in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software and applications.  Caliper also provides professional services in GIS implementation and consulting and research services in transportation planning, logistics, operations research, marketing, and econometrics.  Caliper offers a challenging, but friendly working environment with excellent fringe benefits.  Applicants for openings should send resumes to the address listed on the company’s Contact page, or contact by FAX, at 617-527-5113, or e-mail (

MapInfo Corporation
As the world's leading provider of business mapping solutions, a career at MapInfo offers you the chance to work with more than 300 employees worldwide who aspire to provide users in 60 countries with the ultimate in mapping tools for data visualization and information discovery.

Woolpert, Inc.
Woolpert is the premier national engineering firm providing infrastructure GIS services.  List of currently available positions by company location is available.  This information changes frequently, so bookmark this page to return easily. Contact: Mike Magnotta, Recruiting Manager at

General Job Sources -- Searchable

America’s Job Bank
Lots of menus, keyword search engines, employer sites.
An excellent source for searching the nation’s newspapers simultaneously by job category.  Also has a nice future that allows you to build a customized search engine and home page, as well as a resume-builder.

Detailed and accessible free source.  Jobs are never more than 45 days old and resumes are never more than 90 days old.

The Monster Board
Source, sorted in various ways.  Current and archived positions.

Online Career Center
Source has current and archived positions, a resume-builder, and multiple search and sort capabilities (by job title, region, pay, etc.).

Yahoo! Classifieds
Yahoo! Listings are a bit spotty but sometimes yield rare gem.

Career Magazine
A useful and multi-dimensional source with lots of career-development material, relevant job context articles, and many current listings.

Resumania! On-Line!
An interactive personal resume-building engine from the University of Minnesota’s Office for Human Resources.