Department of Geography

Undergraduate Research Symposium

Friday June 7, 2002

HUB 309 



9:00            Welcome and Introduction

                    Professor Vicky Lawson



9:05-10:00:    Sustainability

Introduction: Professor Tim Nyerges


Oil Spill Preparedness and Response Times


Sean Wellnitz

Emily Lee

Carlos Barros

Max Perry

Seattle P-Patch Siting Project, 2002


Brenda Walsh

Sejin Kim

Carlton Bronson

Chris Kalaluhi

Pollution In King County: A Vulnerability Analysis

Leah Demetillo

Teresa Boad

Gregory Lyons

James Day

Food Sustainability and Development In Rural China

Angela Chen


10:00--11:00:    Movement

Introduction: Professor Lucy Jarosz


Seattle Transportation:

Getting Capital Improvement Program Projects on a Map

Nick Boone

Steve Knapp

James Simon

Geramy Wong

David Butler

King County Suspended Rail Proposal

Teresa Boad

Kirstin Highlander


Feasibility of Bus Rapid Transit In Seattle

Yorik Stevens-Wajda

Mathematical Models of Dynamic Marine Transportation Networks

Tyler Roberts

Zach Frazier



11:00--11:15    Break



11:15--12:00:    Access

Introduction: Professor Kam Wing Chan


Ease of Access To Shopping and Services In King County


Kirstin Highlander

Cora Matthew

China's Emerging Middle Class


Mancy Tang

Casa Latina: Making Space For Latinos In Seattle

Erin Mullins

Digital Divide: Access To Technology and Information In Seattle


Andrew Benton

Gina Coccia

Heather Kandoll



Lunch: All Participants Invited




1:00--1:45:    Citizenship

Introduction:   Professor Michael Brown


Fear On the Fringe: The Relationship Between Fear of Crime and the Geography of Women


Robyn Welch


The Makah Tribe Versus the Environmental Movement


Phillip Musegaa

Racial Profiling and Traffic Stops


John K. Lee

Corporate Handouts and Public Good: The Real and Imagined Effects of Local Economic Development Policies


Ben Kaser

1:45-2:45:    Representation

Introduction: Professor Kim England


A Customized Signage Interface For GIS

Sung Lee

Joe Wong

Michelle Salgado

Jungeun Joh

Jiyun Shin

DINKy Dog Day Care: A GIS Site Location Project

Kirstin Highlander

Carlos Barros

Cora Matthew

The Faith of Womanhood:  Meanings and Struggles Around Femininity for Christian Women on Campus

Annalisa Steinnes

Designing Popular Health Education In Kenya

Yarrow Goding




2:45--3:00    Break



3:00--3:45:    Scale

Introduction: Professor Jonathan Mayer


Watersheds At Multiple Scales

Charles Groth

Aimee Pierce

Matthew Jackson

Malia Jaylo

Matt Ike

China's Special Economic Zones.

Annie Han

Fanning the Embers of Disease: An Analysis of Infectious Disease Rates in Honduras Following Hurricane Mitch

Robert Wilson

Growth and Change In Washington's "Timber-Dependent" Counties, 1969--1999

Stephen Hyde






3:45--4:30:    Globalization

Introduction: Professor Matt Sparke


Impacts of the WTO and Reforms of the Legal System on Industrialization of China

Marcel Martineau

UN Refugee Policies and Asylum In the US


Sarah Mosely

Debates Over GMOs and Hunger

Danielle Hayashi

Grounding Ground Zero: The President, Geopolitics and Territorialization After September 11

Cale Berkey



The Department would like to thank The Office of Undergraduate Education for a grant for a pilot program developing undergraduate research skills among Geography majors. Recipients of this year's Undergraduate Research Awards included:


Cale Berkey

Steve Hyde

Ben Kaser

Erin Mullins

Philip Musegaas

Annalisa Steinnes

Yorik Stevens-Wajda

Robyn Welch

Robert Wilson


Thanks to Professors Matthew Sparke and Timothy Nyerges, Dr. Richard Roth, Aaron Dixon, Nikki Tran Chau, Sarah Webb-Smeltzer and Donna Bellinger for  program planning and logistics.
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