Unexpected Jobs and Career Paths of Geography Majors


Northwest Regional Sales Manager, IBM

Urban Economist, City of Seattle

VP, Property Management, Coldwell Banker

Computer Graphics Designer, Microsoft

Environmental Planner, Washington State dept. of Ecology

Produce Manager, PCC

Concierge, Four Seasons Hotel

VP, Product Development, Access Communications

Information Specialist, First City Bankcorp of Texas

Customer Services Engineer, Boeing

Research Investigator, Washington State Office of Financial Management

Research Manager, The Seattle Times

Public Opinion Data Analyst, Gilmore Research Group

Researcher, Market Analysis and Decision Support Group, US West

Foreign Service Specialist, US State Department

Transportation Specialist, Ace Hardware Company, Chicago

International Sales Manager, Weyerhaeuser

Aviation Planner, SeaTac Airport

Senior VP, Northwest Airlines


Public Information Specialist, Federal Reserve Bank, San Francisco

VP, Regional Planning, Washington Mutual Savings Bank

Data Analyst, Vesey Engineering

Management Analyst, King County Solid Waste Division

Historical preservationist (Owns own consulting firm)

Real estate Appraiser (Owns own consulting firm)