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Design of Web Sites
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Designing a successful Web site involves a number of interrelated factors. This talk will summarize the basics lessons learned about Web site design while creating and maintaining the UW Home Page.

The basic principles are to keep the site...

  1. Oriented toward the user's needs
  2. Direct in its presentation
  3. Efficent in its operation
  4. Up-to-date with current, useful information

Major topics covered in this talk will include the following:

  • Succinct writing
  • Use of headings and lists to show the structure of the material
  • Careful use of graphical elements
  • A simple, quickly understood structure
  • Task orientation
  • User testing


Rick Ells
Information Specialist, Computing & Communications
Member of UW Home Page Webguides Team

Web Location

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Succinct Writing

Visible Organization

Helpful Graphics

Simple Structure

Task Oriented

User Tested


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