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Design of Web Sites
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Task - "A usually assigned piece of work often to be finished within a certain time."

Design your site to make it easy for your audience to do the tasks they want to do. Think through carefully the steps in common tasks and be sure your site provides everything they need to do the task correctly the first time.

Types of Tasks

  • Wide and deep structures
    Chess game, career choice, pursuing education
  • Shallow structures
    Selecting from a menu, choosing a residence hall
  • Narrow structures
    Following a recipe, paying tuition

Examples of tasks

  • Getting reimbursed for travel expenses
  • Finding a residence hall
  • Connecting to campus network to read your email
  • Applying for financial aid
  • Finding the location of a specific building and room
  • Choosing among medical care options
  • Finding out what hours the library is open

Example Page

Department of Redundancy Department

Our Motto:
Any job worth doing is worth doing twice!

The Redundancy staff have more than 100 years of combined experience in building redundant systems. Waiting to serve you are (from the left) Mary, Linda, John, Mary, Michel, Fred, John, Fred, Michel, and Linda.

  • View Our Organization Chart
  • Redundancy As A Lifetime Mission - an inspirational message from the Redundancy Co-Director
  • Where Our Office Is Located
  • Links to Other Redundancy Organizations on the Web
  • Links to Other Web Sites That Link To Our Web Site
  • Links About Seattle
  • Links On How To Do HTML

  • What tasks would this page help you do?
  • Was this page designed with the user in mind?


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