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Design of Web Sites
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Use Graphics When They Help

Graphics, including background colors, background graphics, logos and other graphics files, should be used in a page design and across a site where they can help the user enjoy, understand, and use the site. Since large graphics slow page load time, graphics should be used sparingly.


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Red Square Arts Council

The RSAC is a voluntary group that works to preserve the unique ambiance of the UW's Red Square, with its subtle interplay of monolithic concrete, dusty fired brick, stained sandstone, and lush maple trees.

  • Does the wobbling obelisk actually relate to the purpose of the council, or is it just something cute?
  • The page is about Red Square, but does that mean the background has to be red?
  • The blue heading contrasts harshly with the red background - is this necessary for the purpose of the page?


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