Day Three: Pear Lake to Lake Sally Ann

Distance: 10 miles

We were supposed to cover our average 10 miles today, hiking to the last lake of our 10-day trip. It wasn't raining, but it was cloudy most of the day, which meant that Mother Nature cheated us of any views. At least there were thousands of huckleberry bushes along the side of the trail. I wasn't craving fresh fruit since there was plenty growing right alongside the path. All I needed to do was reach out and grab some berries.

Lake Sally Ann is a small high mountain lake that surprised me by suddenly coming into view. On the third day we were already in pretty great shape to cover the 10 miles without even noticing it very much. The campsites weren't very protected and the altitude was pretty high--maybe 5,500 feet--so this was one of the coldest nights of the trip.

Chuck was making supper that evening, a chicken and pasta dish, when he accientally dropped part of the sauce on the ground. It reminded me of puke, sitting there on top of the dirt. But Chuck just grabbed it with his spoon and put it on his pasta anyway. I think he was hungry...

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Chuck checks out the huge number of huckleberry bushes that line both sides of the trail.