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Dushaw, B. D., 2003. Mapping and wavenumber resolution of line-integral data for observations of low-mode internal tides, J. Ocean. Atmos. Tech., 20, 1043-1059. Download preprint (3.7 MB)

Dushaw, B. D., 2002. Mapping low-mode internal tides near Hawaii using TOPEX/POSEIDON altimeter data, Geophys. Res. Lett., 29(9), 10.1029/2001GL013944. Download pdf file (2.0 MB)

Luther, D.S. and the HOME PIs, 1999: The Hawaii Ocean Mixing Experiment: Is the abyssal stratification maintained by tidalgenic mixing?, Proc., 11th `Aha Huliko'a Hawaiian Winter Workshop, Univ. of Hawaii, January 19-22, l999, pp. 57-62.

Pinkel, R., W. Munk, P. Worcester, B. D. Cornuelle, D. Rudnick, J. Sherman, J. H. Filloux, B. D. Dushaw, B. M. Howe, T. B. Sanford, C. M. Lee, E. Kunze, M. C. Gregg, J. B. Miller, J. M. Moum, D. R. Caldwell, M. D. Levine, T. Boyd, G. D. Egbert, M. A. Merrifield, D. S. Luther, E. Firing, R. Brainard, P. J. Flament, and A. D. Chave, 2000. Ocean mixing studied near Hawaiian Ridge, Eos, Trans. Am. Geophys. U., 81, pp. 545,553.

Related Publications

Dushaw, B. D., 2006. Mode-1 internal tides in the western North Atlantic Ocean, Deep Sea Research, in press. Download preprint (2.3 MB)

Dushaw, B. D., A review of internal tide observations by acoustic tomography and altimetry, Proc. 5th Pacific Ocean Remote Sensing Conf. (PORSEC), Goa, India, 5-8 December 2000, vol. II, 651-652. Download pdf file (25 KB)

Dushaw, B. D., and P. F. Worcester, 1998. Resonant diurnal internal tides in the North Atlantic, Geophys. Res. Lett., 25, 2189-2193. Download pdf file (20 MB - scanned)

Dushaw, B. D., G. D. Egbert, P. F. Worcester, B. D. Cornuelle, B. M. Howe, and K. Metzger, 1997. A TOPEX/POSEIDON global tidal model (TPXO.2) and barotropic tidal currents determined from long-range acoustic transmissions. Prog. Oceanogr., 40, 337-367.

Dushaw, B. D., P. F. Worcester, B. D. Cornuelle, B. M. Howe, and D. S. Luther, 1995. Baroclinic and barotropic tides in the central North-Pacific Ocean determined from long-range reciprocal acoustic transmissions. J. Phys. Oceanogr., 25, pp. 631-647.

Egbert, G. D. and R. D. Ray, 2001. Estimates of M2 tidal energy dissipation from Topex/Poseidon altimeter data, J. of Geophys. Res., 106, 22475-22502.

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Munk, W. and C. Wunsch, 1998. Abyssal recipes II: energetics of tidal and wind mixing, Deep-Sea Research I 45, 1977-2010

Ray, R. D. and G. T. Mitchum, 1997. Surface manifestation of internal tides in the deep ocean: observations from altimetry and island gauges, Prog. Oceanogr., 40, 135-162.

Ray, R. D. and G. T. Mitchum, 1996. Surface manifestation of internal tides generated near Hawaii, Geophys. Res. Lett., 23, 2101-2104 + cover figure.


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