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Barotropic Tides
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A Day in the Life of an Acoustic Tomography Mooring - A sequence of photographs of various stages in the deployment of a mooring for ocean acoustic tomography. These photos were taken during the cruise for the deployment of the HOME northern tomography array.

Deep Sea Moorings Deployed near Hawaii - a webpage for HOME put together by the Applied Physics Laboratory, UW.

A Report/Log - from R. Pinkel on R/V FLIP to SIO during operations near the farfield array south of Hawaii.

Hawaiian Ridge Home To Efforts To Understand Deep-Ocean Mixing - an news article in Space Daily, March 4, 2002.

'Internal' tides may reveal secrets of fisheries - a news article in the Honolulu Advertiser, February 16, 2002.

Undersea Hawaii ridge may play role in climate - a news article in the Honolulu Star Bulletin, August 19, 2003.

National Geographic on HOME, August 18, 2003.

Radiation of Internal Tides from the Hawaiian Ridge: Implications for the Large-Scale Tidal Energy Budget, (2.5 MB PDF File) Poster presented at the 2006 AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting in Honolulu, HI.

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