Weighty Matters: The Best of the Net on Lifting Weights


How to Identify Your Weak Points in a Lift, especially good posts on weak bench presses.

Add 20-40 Pounds to Your Bench Press the older version of the MM2K workout plan that really works--I added 20 pounds in seven weeks--courtesy of F. (Red) Auld. Or if you want the newest version, try this link How to Increase Your Bench Press by 50 Pounds . If you don't like Adobe Acrobat, I have the entire bench table grid in a simple gif file instead, called MM2K Bench Workout Table.

Speaking of the bench press, How to Use Leg Strength in the Bench Press.

Jason "Deepsquatter" Brunell wrote an excellent guide on How to Do a Correct Squat.

How to Exercise Your Rotator Cuff Muscles

Here's a discussion on How to Stretch.

A collection of posts on How to Determine Your One Rep Max

David Sandler's Excellent Article on the Biomechanics of the Sticking Point in the Bench Press

Dr. Fred Hatfield's famous Doctor Squat's Guide to the Squat and Its Many Variations.

Alecksandros Alexopoulos' article (and Tom McCollough's rebuttal) on How to Determine the Best Rest Time Between Sets

The Best Stance for Deadlifts: Sumo or Conventional?, a review of some studies by Tom McCollough and with some comments by other powerlifters.
How to Break Through a Plateau
How to Spot Another Lifter Including Garry Holman's FAQ
How to Strengthen Your Grip
How to Warm Up for Lifting and How Much is Enough
How to Breath as You Lift Heavy
How to Keep Calluses from Ripping Off and Keeping Your Girlfriend/Wife/Significant Other Happy.
The Great Debate: Why You SHOULD/SHOULD NOT Use Wrist Straps
How to Determine the Right Recovery Time Between Workouts
How to Measure that Ideal Body
Charts to Determine Your Maximum Lifts

How to Measure Leg Strength, by Tom McCoullough, With Suggested Strength Ratio between Hams and Quads.
Lyle McDonald on When To Reach "Failure" on a Set
How to Relax and Get Rid of Pre-Contest Jitters by Fred "Dr. Squat" Hatfield. There are several psychological techniques listed--one may work for you.
How to Win Mentally: Motivation Tips from Dr. Squat by Fred Hatfield, a LONG post with excellent ideas for bodybuilders and powerlifters.

How to Weight Train for Teens by Mel Siff and Mike Postollec.

How to Mentally Prepare Yourself for Lifting by Dr. Mel Siff. You might be surprised at his advice. Unfortunately, Dr. Siff died in March, 2003.

How to Shave Excess Body Hair... and Justifications for Taking out the Razor