Using LaTeX for your thesis at the University of Washington

The uwthesis package helps you follow the Graduate School guidelines and provides easy solutions to some of thesis formatting's more challenging tasks: landscape and facing page figures and tables.
Documentation and Source


  1. The Graduate School say my ... isn't formatted right.
    If the ... is in the preliminary pages, or in the bibliography, you may have included a macro package that redefined one of the uwthesis macros. The definition of \thebibliography often gets clobbered. Look to see what each defines and find some agreement between them.

  2. I used the natbib package and lost the Bibliography line from the table of contents.
    After the package reference


    Add the line


  3. I have more than 99 figures (or tables) and the figure numbers in the List of Figures run into the figure titles.
    Set the width of the number part of the line with this definition:

    • The number 2.3 in the above definition is the default width (in ems) of the field. Adjust it as needed.
    • The definition must go somewhere between \documentclass and \begin{document}.
    • Substitute l@table to adjust the List of Tables.

  4. Is there a layout file so I can use LyX?
    In a manner of speaking there is. I think LyX is a little too wysiwyg for a thesis, but you can try.

    An LyX layout and template for this class is available as a compressed tar or zip. Be aware that this is an example. It is not supported or maintained.

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