Formatting double-page floats in LaTeX

You sometimes want to format two, full-page figures or tables to appear side-by-side in an opened book. The first figure must be on the left (even page) and the second figure must appear on the right (odd page).

LaTeX provides no way to assure that two consecutive figures will come out this way. This double-page float package, dpfloat.sty, allows you to specify that a float must appear on an even page, and thereby allows you to format a double-page figure.

You format a double-page figure by formatting two consecutive, full-page figures, specifying that the first must appear on a left page. The other will follow on the right page.

It looks something like this:





% a double-page figure

  \begin{figure}[p]% will be the left-side figure
       This is the left side figure
  \begin{figure}[p]% will be the right-side figure
       This is the right side figure

% end of the figure



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