Walk Through the Garden

Welcome to the University of Washington cybercampus. In a moment, we will invite you to take a walk through the Medicinal Herb Garden.

Before we begin, please bear in mind that this garden is the work of many volunteers. Please respect their good intentions. Pick up your cigarette butts and candy-wrappers. Dispose of them properly. Leave only virtual footprints as you explore this aromatic reserve. Please do not look for or exchange medical advice on the premises. Just listen to the plants.

Your virtual footsteps will take you on a path that exists only in cyberspace. Which is say, when you visit the real Medicinal Herb Garden (as you should when you have the opportunity), you will find things are a bit more complicated than they might appear here. You may credit this to the superior fractal algorithms used in rendering the real garden. Nevertheless, the images presented here may give you a taste of the riches that are stored in these scant hectares of real estate, believed by some to be the largest medicinal herb garden in the Western Hemisphere.

The garden is arrayed in several rooms of beds: A and B on the west; C in the middle; D and E on the east -- F in disrepair -- with additional specimens located in the entry and ornamental surrounding areas.

There is no need to return to the bus stop when you have completed your walk. Now, go have a look for yourself...

  1. The New Bus Stop
  2. Western Entrance
  3. In Cascara Circle
  4. In Room A
  5. In Room B
  6. The Friends' New Office
  7. Approaching Room C
  8. Looking Southeast, Over Room C
  9. In Room C
  10. Looking Northwest, Across Room C
  11. Entering Room D
  12. East Side of Room D
  13. Entering Room E
  14. Central Area of Room E
  15. Looking North in Room E
  16. In Room F

See also: Trip Through Time... Winter Views: January 4, 1996 and December 17, 1996 / Spring Views: June 10, 1997 and April 28, 1998.