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This unofficial tour of the University of Washington's Medicinal Herb Garden was developed by Michael Boer as an Internet-accessible hypertext image database demonstration project during the early days of As of late March 2016, the project has moved to its current home at

The photographic images in this project are copyrighted. Licensing details are shown at the bottom of each page.

Author's note: I sincerely appreciate receiving comments about this exhibit. I especially want to acknowledge those who have taken the time to point out errors in spelling, fact, & HTML coding:

How were the images captured?

The original photographs were recorded on Kodak Kodachrome 200 using a Canon AT-1 camera. These images were transferred by Kodalux Processing Services to PhotoCD at the time of original processing. The PhotoCD images were converted to 256-color GIFs or (since June 1998) JPEGs at a pixel resolution of no more than 640 by 480.

In early 1997, I gained access to an Olympus D-300L digital camera, and have begun to add photos in the JPEG (*.jpg) format. These images are not as good as the ones produced via 35mm film and PhotoCD, but the cost and turn-around time were appealing. When lighting conditions are excellent in the garden, the results were "acceptable," but under typical Seattle skies, the lighting conditions are not good enough to produce good images with the Olympus.

Who's financing this?

The disk space for this demonstration project was originally hosted on an early World-Wide Web server operated by the National Network of Libraries Medicine, Pacific Northwest Region. However, all other direct costs of this project have been contributed by Michael Boer, including (in 1994) approximately $30.84 for film, $112.77 for PhotoCD processing, and an unknown number of hours squeezed out of lunch breaks, evenings, and holidays.

As Michael Spence writes in A Context for a Renewed Economics (Fair Oaks, CA: Association of Waldorf Schools of North America <>. 1990. p. 17.):

In cultural life, we create that which arises out of our own individuality. If I can put it this way: go to a concert where there's a choir singing... There's an orchestra and a choir and you sit there and listen to the beautiful music with these people singing, and then you ask yourself the question... why are they singing? And even if you focused on a particular singer, and then to yourself say, why are they singing? You'll come inevitably to the answer that they're singing because they need to sing. They need to sing out of their being. And this, of course, is a particularly good example because these choruses are not paid... People sing there because they need to sing, and they actually need an audience. Really they should pay us to listen to them. It's true of the orchestra and others, but it becomes distorted slightly when one is paid to create... In the first place, the teacher, the artist, the scientist, does it because he needs to out of his own inner being. Cultural life in the first place arises out of egoism.

Did you find an error?

There are surely errors in this project. Exposure to weathering and vandalism have both taken a toll on the signage in the Medicinal Herb Garden; some signs are missing, illegible, and perhaps misplaced. Further errors have undoubtedly been introduced during transcription of field notes and image cataloging.

If you discover an error in this project, please send a description via e-mail to Michael Boer.

[X] Michael Boer | Seattle USA

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