Nancy Gershenfeld
Senior Lecturer
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Mentoring Statement

My approach to mentoring:

Mentoring students provides them with guidance and insights from the faculty’s collective experience. Students utilize these insights to discover new avenues of study, explore potential arenas for work experience and develop research interests. Faculty are also resources to assist in matching students to the particular experience and research interests of specific faculty members. Faculty are advocates for students, communicating their work and interests to colleagues and to the professional community.

My particular contribution to students is to relate their research interests, career goals and ideas to the practical applications. I have worked first-hand with developing systems and processes in response to direct business needs, as well as identifying areas of business practices requiring analysis and application. I absorb research in terms of the practical applications and the business practices to which the research can be applied.

I consider it a major role in my appointment to be accessible to students for advising, mentoring and discussion. In addition to posted office hours, I encourage students to drop by when my door is open, email me or make appointments for conversation without interruption. This is only limited by current space constraints and meeting commitments.

Students who wish to discover “real-world” scenarios will match well with my contributions. I can give them the insights that come from twenty years experience in the for-profit business world. I know how companies work and how managers plan, budget, model, problem-solve and address challenges.

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