Electron Microprobe Facility

Department of Earth and Space Sciences


An electron microprobe uses a high energy beam of electrons to scan (raster) across a sample to create high magnification, high resolution images.  But the main purpose of the microprobe is the non-destructive determination of chemical composition from sample volumes as small as a few cubic microns .

The UW instrument uses the integrated GELLER automation and imaging systems dQant and dPict.  We also have the GATAN DigitalMicrograph imaging system.

The facility is maintained by Dr. Scott Kuehner.

JEOL Model 733

Electron Microprobe


This instrument combines wavelength (WDS) and energy (EDS) dispersive spectroscopy with scanning electron microscope (SEM) capabilities to create an extremely powerful, yet accessible, microanalytical instrument.  With the appropriate standards, we can determine the concentration of the the elements Boron (atomic number 5) through Uranium (atomic number 92) in most inorganic solids. In the ESS department, the microprobe is used primarily to determine the chemical composition of natural mineral grains and glasses.