Z2HTML (Symbol Font Version)

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Most systems provide a symbol font that provides some of the mathematical symbols used by Z. For example, the character entity for the implication arrow \implies is Þ

This font does not provide all the Z symbols, so images are still needed.

It can require some configuration effort to make the symbol font accessible to the browser, even when the page contains correctly-formed font face tags. For example, with Netscape under Unix-like operating systems it seems to be necessary to add this line to your .Xdefaults file:

Netscape*documentFonts.charset*adobe-fontspecific: iso-8859-1

Even when the browser can find the symbol font, printing the page or saving it as PostScript may not work properly.

Moreover, the symbol font cannot be made to work in text-only browsers such as Lynx and there is no way to provide alt text.

In view of these difficulties, I do not recommend using the symbol font.

Nevertheless, I experimented with a symbol font version of z2html.sed. Here is z2html-symbol.sed.

Here is the test page, translated by the symbol font version.

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