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Z2HTML translates Z notation expressed in LaTeX markup to HTML. Here is a sample:

\begin{schema}{ CheckOut }

\Delta Documents
d? \notin dom checked_out
(d?, p?) \in permission
checked_out' = checked_out \cup {(d?, p?)}

This test page demonstrates most of its capabilities. Here are more examples.

These pages look best when this \power and this X are about the same size: \power X. See these viewing tips.

Z2HTML translates Z formulas and paragraphs to HTML (not images), so most pages display quickly. You can use your browser's Find function to search the Z text itself for the definition and uses of any Z identifier.

Z2HTML translates Z symbols to inline images (not characters in a symbol font), so symbols display properly in all browsers without any configuration effort -- even in text-only browsers such as Lynx (because the img tags include alt attributes). Symbols display properly when pages are translated to PostScript for storage or printing.

Z2HTML uses stylesheets to provide flexibility in controlling the appearance of the Z and the informal text. The pages also look alright in older browsers that do not support stylesheets.

Z2HTML is free. It is easy to obtain, install and use.

Follow these links for more information:

Z2HTML is designed to minimize platform and browser dependencies. Therefore I do not recommend these less portable versions, but you may be interested to see what can be done and what the limitations are:

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