Notes on miscellaneous topics and projects

Jonathan Jacky

For larger projects, including MRFM and NModel, see my home page.

Un-Common Lisps (Oct 2011)

PyModel: model-based testing in Python (Nov 2009, ongoing)

Flip: logical framework in Python (Mar 2009)

Interferometric Qubit measurement (Nov 2009)

Signal Processing with GNU Radio (talk at Seattle Python Interest Group, June 2010)

Notes on Verilog programming (Apr 2007)

Notes on MATLAB programming (Aug 2006, revised Mar 2007)

Using a Field Programmable Gate Array for MRFM cantilever control jacky-talk.html

Biological Weapons Convention, Article X (Jun 2005)

GNU Radio (May 2005, revised Jun 2006)

Spin Simulation for Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy (MRFM) (Mar 2005)

Bioinformatics links (Nov 2004)

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) frameworks (Aug 2004)