GNU Radio signal with noise demonstration

Jon Jacky, University of Washington, October 2008.

Here is a little demonstration we put together to confirm that our GNU Radio installation is working. It requires the GNU Radio core and the wxPython GUI, but not the USRP hardware (or its software).

The demo presents three sliders: sine wave frequency and amplitude, and noise amplitude. The demo shows the sine wave plus the noise on two displays: an oscilloscope and a spectrum analyzer.

The demo comes in two versions. The first version puts all the sliders and displays on a single panel:

This version is contained in a single file:

The second version puts the sliders, the oscilloscope, and the spectrum analyzer on three separate panels that can be moved around on the desktop:

This version is contained two files: (an alternative to the GNU Radio stdgui) and

Jon Jacky, email: jon at washington dot edu