GNU Radio on Mac OS X

Jon Jacky

4 Jan 2010   Emphasize this page is for OS X 10.4 only, also change to /redmine

To install GNU Radio on recent Mac hardware and operating systems, consult the Build Guide and Mac Install pages at the GNU Radio Wiki:,   MacInstall

These pages describe our installation of GNU Radio 3.0 and 3.1 with the USRP hardware on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger (not 10.5 Leopard or 10.6 Snow Leopard) on PPC Macs (not Intel). They describe some quirks of using the GNU Radio GUI and USRP on older Macs.

Installation overview
Installing the prerequisites
Installing GNU Radio
Using the GUI
Using the USRP

General information about GNU Radio and the USRP:

We are applying GNU Radio in Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy (MRFM):

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