Jonathan Jacky

University of Washington
Radiation Oncology
Box 356043
Seattle, Washington 98195-6043
Phone:   206-548-1638
Email:   jon at uw dot edu

I am working on the Clinical Neutron Therapy System (also here), a computer-controlled cyclotron and radiation therapy machine.

I worked on Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy (also here), where I used GNU Radio.

Recently I taught a course on Python programming through UW Professional and Continuing Education.

Here are some other projects, including a Qubit simulation, the FLiP proof checker, and the PyModel testing tool.

I have projects at GitHub, PyPI (also here), and CodePlex.

My co-authors and I wrote a book on Model-based Software Testing and Analysis, using our NModel framework.

Previously I wrote another book, The Way of Z. Here are some examples and lecture notes.

I contributed to the Prism treatment planning system and the Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Tools.

I am interested in formal methods and their application to safety-critical systems (also here).

I have taught (etc., etc.) at The Evergreen State College.

Instead of writing a blog, I update this page of annotated links. Recent items are listed here. Occasionally I add to these notes.

Here is a very out-of-date bibliography and an old resume with links to some early projects and publications.

Jonathan Jacky, University of Washington