Stabler, Wash., Resupply Information

While hiking Washington's Section H in Sept. 2003, the famous through hiker Billy Goat told me he was resupplying at the Stabler store, which is not listed in the PCT guidebook or town guide. Stalber is about 3/4 mile south of the point where the PCT crosses the Wind River Road, on its way to the Panther Creek campground. Here is what through hiker Yogi has to say about it in her on-line journal:


A couple weeks ago, Billygoat told me about a place 34 miles north of Cascade Locks called "Stabler's". It's a store 34 mile off-trail, which accepts hiker packages.

"If you send a box there, then you don't have to haul your groceries out of Cascade Locks."

He was right!

We sent a box to Stabler's. Nice place, nice people. Pepsi! Canned pineapple! Ice cream!


According to, this is the address and phone number.

Stabler Country Store
22 Hemlock Y Rd
Carson, WA 98610-3184
Phone: (509) 427-2717


Please note: The mailing city is "Carson" but this store is NOT in Carson, Wash. Do not get it confused with convenience stores located in that city.

I have never used this place. I urge anyone considering using this as a resupply point or to send boxes should CALL FIRST.

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