Due to lack of funds, the Security Solutions Team at the University of Washington was abruptly eliminated on May 20, 2008 and I was laid off (along with 65 others throughout "UW Technology"). After June 20, 2008 I will no longer have access to update this page.

Therefore, see also: Corey Satten's Transition Homepage and eventually: Corey Satten's New Homepage.
My UW email address will forward to me should you need to contact me.

Anasazi ruins. Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado. Photo by Corey.
Lossless Gigabit Packet Capture with Stock Linux on modest/ordinary PC hardware

A Brief Introduction to Unix also available in PDF

Scanning Photographs With a FAX Machine!

Scanning and Photocopying Documents With a Digital Camera

Measuring Electric Power at Home Without Special Tools

Things to Consider When Buying a Digital Camera

A few Unix tools for amusement and utility.

NDC Logical Firewall and slides from a talk about it.

Pine usage statistics and graphs. Don't miss the graph showing far more hosts running Linux than any other platform!

[icon] Cyclic Knight's Tour Solutions. Is it art or just pretty blue lines?

NINA (spirograph-like drawings) in PostScript

Archived Usenet Postings on Ultrix performance tuning, load spikes, bug fixes.

What info does your browser tell us about you?

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