Things to Consider When Buying a Digital Camera
Corey Satten, Corey @, 11/21/04

When I was shopping for a digital camera, I found comparing them to be really hard and it took some time just to discover what to compare. There are probably hundreds of models and the set of features and misfeatures to compare for each is large. I've written this mostly because friends keep asking for my advice and because there are some things I didn't discover until after I bought my camera that I wish I'd learned earlier. By sharing my experience, I hope to help you spend less time and end up happier with your choice.

Taking good pictures is part skill and part luck and with enough of either, I think any camera can take a good picture. The more skill you have and the more help you get from your camera, the less luck you need (on average). With that in mind, here is a very long list of things you may (or may not) want to consider when choosing a digital camera.

If you're picky, you probably won't find a perfect camera (at least I didn't). You will probably need to decide for yourself which features are most important to you and which cameras have the most of those features. Here are some links which may help with that:,,, Also, I bought my camera from a local store because they offered a 2-week trial/exchange period (and I was glad I did because I traded my initial choice for a different make and model).

Aspects of Both Digital and Film Cameras

Aspects Mostly of Digital Cameras