University of Washington Libraries. Comparative Religion

*Some Comparative Religion Journals on Campus*

Here is a list of some of the religious studies journals held by the UW Libraries. Please check the UW Libraries Catalog on WILLOW or UWIN for call number and UW library locations for the following journals.

Please note that the issue you need may not be owned by the UW Libraries depending upon the date the Libraries' subscription began and - sometimes - ended.

A more comprehensive list of religious studies journal titles held by the UW Libraries can be viewed by inputting the following subject search in the UW Libraries catalog via WILLOW or UWIN:
Religion Periodicals and Religions Periodicals .

Sample List of Comparative Religion Journals on Campus

Electronic journals in the field of Comparative Religion.

The Bryn Mawr ejournals, and Postmodern Culture may have articles of research value pertinent to Comparative Religion.

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