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Jane Mitchell Rees, PhD, MS, RD, CD

As member of the interdisciplinary faculty of the Maternal Child Health Graduate Program in the School of Public Health and Community Medicine at the University of Washington, Jane Mitchell Rees is responsible for the nutrition and physical growth and development curriculum components, and mentor of

Jane on a visit to Darwin's house in England
graduate student research and academic progress;  she is also on the core faculty of the Graduate Program in Nutritional Sciences (Department of Epidemiology).  In past years she has been Director of Nutrition Services/Education at the Division of Adolescent Medicine (Department of Pediatrics), responsible for the nutrition component of interdisciplinary prevention, treatment, research and post graduate training in the field of adolescent health and the Adolescent Nutrition Fellowship, and has also engaged in hospital dietetics and private practice, as well as working for a period in Latin America.

 Jane has published research articles and reviews, chapters in texts and manuals, and she co-authored the first text devoted solely to Nutrition in Adolescence (Mosby-Time Books, 1984).  She has spearheaded and taken part in national and international meetings regarding nutrition and eating disorders in adolescence, coordinated national study groups and Special Interest Groups for the Society for Adolescent Medicine, and participates in national projects for improving the nutritional health of adolescents as part of the maternal child health population.  She has authored Position Statements for the American Dietetic Association and the Society for Adolescent Medicine and was co-chair of a meeting of the New York Academy of Sciences entitled Adolescent Nutritional Disorders: Prevention and Treatment, and co-editor of the Annals devoted to the proceedings.  Her research interests have been nutrition education, antecedents of eating disorders, and especially nutritional support for pregnancy in adolescence.

Jane attended the College of Wooster, received her BS in Nutrition and Dietetics from Ohio State University, completed an Internship in Hospital Dietetics at Harborview Hospital in Seattle, her MS in Nutrition from the University of Washington, her PhD in Biocultural Anthropology from the University of Washington, and is a Certified Dietitian in the State of Washington .

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