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Eating Disorders during Adolescence:
Nutritional Treatment Issues specific to Adolescents vs Older Individuals Summarized

Jane Mitchell Rees, PhD, RD, CD
Departments of Health Services and Pediatrics 
Maternal Child Health and Adolescent Medicine 
University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195

Eating Disorders
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Risky Eating Behaviors

Weight Management

1) Draw attention to the relationship of Eating Disorders to future reproductive health.
2) Focus on treatment issues specific for adolescents versus older patients with eating disorders. 
3) Summarize adolescent development, behavior, and treatment issues to accompany a more detailed discussion of eating disorders in adolescents.

Eating Disorders Lead to Disturbed Preconceptual Nutrition
Current research clearly shows pregnancy does not occur in isolation but reflects the prior nourishment of the mother (as well as other parental characteristics).  Thus, preconceptual nutrition is an important concept for those concerned about the health of adolescent females who will bear the children of the future.  Eating disorders and a variety of disordered eating behaviors seriously interrupt young women in the process of adapting nourishing habits during the preconceptual period.  Their growth, development and tissue maintenance is compromised, leaving them poorly prepared for healthy reproduction.  Health care professionals, educators and students need to understand eating disorders, one of the major impediments to nutritional health in the adolescent period. Only through understanding and developing effective treatments for disordered eating among teenagers will those involved in health care be able to assist young women obtain adequate nourishment in the preconceptual period.

Table of Contents (Click on Topic)
1. Summary Of Adolescent Development
2. Major Psychosocial Tasks Of Adolescents
3. Behavior Of Adolescents With Anorexia Nervosa
    Nutrition Treatment Issues – Adolescents vs Older Eating Disorder Patients
      4. Physical Status
      5. Concept of Food as Nourishment
      6. Habits
      7. Overall Treatment
8. Additional Information on Adolescent Nutrition


This Web Site is a reference for health care professionals, students and educators;  it is not intended to provide advice or treatment to people with eating disorders. If you have an eating disorder or disturbed eating patterns, consult a qualified physician who specializes in eating disorders. 

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