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While I had made the decision to share information gleaned during the testing of V.92 here at the University of Washington there was no intention of continuing to test modems or applications software and the page has become quite dated. As a result I've been forced to discontinue this listing. If you are associated with the UW, you may want to email help@cac.washington.edu for assistance. If you're non-UW and/or are looking for more recent data or support try:




..or a sig newsgroup such as comp.dcom.modems

I leave you with these thoughts...

1) Your most important diagnostic tool is yourself.
2) Support is usually best obtained from your ISP or the people who made the modem.
3) There's more to it than just the modems at the ends of the wire.
4) Many 'modem problems' are call-path problems. Try a dialing different number for your current ISP.
5) Your circuit provider leases you a voice grade line. If your can hear static, crosstalk, hum, etc. call 'em. Otherwise it's usually a waste of time.
6) Where connect rates are concerned the best init string is either no init string or one that caps the connect rate to 20% less than the modem would typically connect at.
7) Before signing on to an ISP try dialing in to several to check connect rates.
8) If you've already signed up and are having trouble, #7 can also give insight if you are having a problem with #4.


- Michael