I'm a northwest native having been born and raised on the Olympic peninsula here in Washington. I attended Hoquiam's school system, graduating from high school in 1964. I then attended Grays Harbor College receiving an AA in their new data processing course in 1966. Punch cards and patch panels were in back then. We'd all have been stunned if we could have known what was coming! The Vietnam war was heating up and I was soon drafted into the U.S. Army. I spent two years at Fort Sill, Oklahoma as an instructor. After being released from active duty I worked with the National Cash Register Company up until 1972 when I began working here. I left for a few years in the early 80s to explore the revolution of the new PCs but was back within 4 years. Though I enjoyed programming and working with the emerging technology I liked to eat too. I now make my home in Edmonds.


Driving my '95 Mazda Miata sports car...if it would ever stop raining.

Playing guitar - I taught myself the fingerstyle playing technique. I usually play jazz but also experiment with 'new age' music and alternate tunings. My favorite players would be recognized by few but they are none the less among of the best around, Jack Jezzro, Jim Nichols, and Ed Gerhard.

Hobby computing - I've three systems, the first two being AMD K6-2 systems. I've one I rely on and don't make changes to. It's got a DSL connection and is heavily fiewalled and virus protected. Next, a gamer PC that has the hottest CPU, video and sound cards. Last there's an old 233mhz Pentium box with a 2 gig drive built...the upgraded remains of my first home-built PC. That's the system all the modem tests get done on since it's easy to flush and reload. I've plans to upgrade my gamer box this spring to one of the newer AMD-based motherboards.

Golf - It's been on my list for years and I finally got started a couple years back. In my second year I switched over to Natural Golf. This new "grip it and rip it" method seems much easier to learn and enjoy for those of us starting the game later in life. Before, I had no idea where the ball was going when I started the downswing. Now I have a vague idea.

Handcrafting fine ales - While I haven't been very active recently, I've been known to brew a batch of beer now and again. I like to mash my own straight from the grain and have developed a system suitable for apartment brewing that doesn't demand lots of equipment or space. While it can only produce 2-1/2 gallons I see this as an opportunity to try some other exotic grain, some new hop.

Breadmaking - I've recently gotten interested in sourdough bread and found a source for starters. Baked my first two loaves of SanFrancisco style sourdough this last weekend. Mmmmmmm! I've also acquired a couple baking stones and will be experimenting with basic pizza building techniques.