Dropdown Menus Test Page

NOTE: This page documents tests that were conducted in early 2012. For more current information, see Terrill's blog post Accessible Dropdown Menus Revisited.

Below are links to demonstration pages in which dropdown menus are implemented using various methods and libraries. The goal is to provide navigation menus that are fully accessible to all users, including:

University of Washington Menu

Interesting Real World Examples

Raw HTML Menus

Simple Examples

Other Examples

Menu Design Best Practices

The following features are the way dynamic menus should behave, according to the DHTML Style Guide. Menus are complex widgets - too complex for the old school user interface in which users tab through every link in the menu system. Menus in software applications don't behave that way - they have a robust keyboard model that utilizes tab, arrow keys, shift, enter, and escape, possibly other keys. This is a familiar model to users, and is the model the DHTML Style Guide is based upon.

Questions? Please contact Terrill Thompson at tft@uw.edu.