Post-Conference Update:

Thanks to everyone for attending the conference and making it a success!

Below are the some of the presentation files, we hope to have all posted shorty:

Presentation files:

Photos may be found below:

Presentation - Brandl, Klaus
Presentation - Lim, Byung-Joo
Presentation - Oh, Bomi
Presentation - Wang, Hye Sook
Final Dinner

June 22nd Update:

Dear AATK members,

Welcome to Seattle and the 14th annual AATK Workshop and Conference!

I am very pleased to have you all and would like to thank various individuals who have worked hard so that this year's conference can be held. Thank you Professor Haeyoung Kim for your great coordination and on-the-go answers. Thank you Professor Hyosang Lee for managing the complex workshop/conference schedule and taking time to create the program master document. I also would like to thank two miracle workers, Ms. Hyunjung Ahn and Russ Hugo, for their tireless and selfless work to make the conference a success. They went above and beyond the call of duty and lived Sleepless in Seattle for a month. If you see Hyunjung, please take the time to thank her. I also want to thank the volunteers from the first- and second-year Korean classes listed below (you may tap their brains for noraebang and other tourist attractions!):

First-year Korean Students - Howard Chong; Sarah Park
Second-year Korean Students - Ryan Johnson; Mai Kono; Jamie Leung; Yen Luong; Lisa Phan
Graduate Students - Hyunjung Ahn, Russell Hugo, Heesung Kang

I also would like to thank Youngsook Lim and Dvorah Oppenheimer for their Korea Center support, and Youngie Yoon and Lenina Schills for their willing assistance. Finally, I would like to thank Professors Amy Ohta and Klaus Brandl for accepting the invitations to speak, and Professor Michael Shapiro, the chair of the Asian Languages and Literature Department, without whose support local hosting of the conference would have been impossible.

Seattle mornings and nights can get fairly chilly (55 F / 12 C),although it is quite pleasant during the day time (70 F / 20 C), so dobring a warm jacket or a sweater.

Thank you again for participating in this year's AATK annual workshop and conference, and I hope you have a fruitful conference and a pleasant stay in Seattle.

Soohee Kim, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer/Program Coordinator
Korean Language
Department of Asian Languages and Literature
University of Washington

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