Vocabot: Vocabulary Learning Application

Sahaptin (Ichishkíin Sinwit) Teaching Materials Archive

Sahaptin (Ichishkíin Sinwit) Introductory Online Course

Qualitative Interviewing Instrument with an Adjustable Scale (QIIAS)


CERIL (Coalition for the Equitable Representation of Indigenous Languages) at UW: A coalition whose goals include supporting efforts to teach Indigenous languages on and off campus.

Lushootseed Language Online Course Content (Hybridized):Working with the Tulalip Lushootseed Language Program.


FLOM (Field Linguistics Online Mapping): open-source, customizable suite of tools for collecting mental maps for linguistic research. (Project supervised by Prof. Betsy Evans and Dr. Matthew Dunbar)

BULA (Baysian Universal Lexicon Analyzer): A MySQL/PHP driven adaptive system for lexical assessment. (Worked with: Marlin Eller, Georgy Zakarashvili)

Flashcards: Browser and iPhone supported. (Worked with: Marlin Eller, William Reed)

Typing Tools: For languages lacking robust IDEs or with large character sets. (Worked with: Marlin Eller, William Reed)




Language Learning Center

Seattle to Spokane: Mapping English in Washington State

Sahaptin Online Dictionary: (Worked with: Prof. Sharon Hargus, Marlin Eller)

Slavic Linguistics Society, 2014

18th International Conference on HPSG

Jackson School Journal

Print & Graphics

Epar Bangla, Opar Bangla: Bangla Across Borders Cover and photo work.

Sahaptin Dictionary: Layout and photo work.